37. KONFRONTATIONEN | 21. - 24. JULI 2016
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______________________________________________________________ Jazzgalerie
THE ELKS (USA/Germany/Austria/Italy)  - 
Liz Allbee - trumpet, electronics
Kai Fagaschinski - clarinet
Billy Roisz - electronics, electric bass
Marta Zapparoli - tape recorders, self-made devices

Beware, those Elks are exploiting their instruments for no good. While Marta and Billy seem to have gotten it all wrong regarding their very strange collection of machinery, it's just a careless abuse how Liz and Kai handle their horns. And what about this movie they are screening there - who could recognize a single thing? (Ah, they say it's abstract - what a poor excuse.) It really bums me out, that people actually pay to see this. What a complete and utter waste.
© The Elks 2016