samstag 18. märz 2006 22 uhr

blast of silence mc 5

marco eneidi: alto sax
didi kern: drums, percussion
werner möbius: electronics, devices
philip quehenberger: keyboards
hans falb: turntables(used and abused)

marco eneidi played with bill dixon, cecil taylor, glenn spearman, raphe malik, lisle ellis and probably 100 s more musicians in the world. after the reelection of george bush he left the usa and is currently living in vienna. his biggest ifluence is alto player jimmy lyons. didi kern is best known as drummer of two of the best underground bands in austria, “bulbul” and “fuckhead” werner möbius works with sounds, beats and files in between conceptualisms,contemporary music, improvised electronica and pop.he worked with christoph kurzmann in “new world order”,with philipp quehenberger in “popular disease”, worked in many collaborations with artists of different media and is still a restless traveller in space music. philipp quehenberger is on of the outstanding keyboardplayers in the “vienna electronic scene”. philipp quehenberger turns his back to the smooth commercial side of austrian electronics. his style ranges from jimi hendrix to cecil taylor and further on. “take no prisoners” hans falb, is exploring the turntables as instrument, not from the historic inclination, but rather from different voices, he wants to get close. big influences came from the drumming of paul lovens, roger turner and paul lytton, from reed players like john butcher, from composers like pierre henry ,oliver messiaen, mauricio kagel,cecil taylor and a pile of old african ethno music; dont forget old school hip hop and lee “scratch”perry. 1000 thanxs also to otomo yoshihide, lawrence”butch”morris+ the ex.

“blast of silence” is one of the best film noirs ever happened. check it out- the movie and the music

blast of silence ist eine neue hungrige band, ein improvisierendes kollektiv bestehend aus 5 verschiedenen musikalischen vergangenheiten, ein querschnitt durch hardcore, rock, electronica, techno, free jazz und kreativen dilletantismus. blast of silence ist ein hochenergetisches amalgam aus der quersumme, der erfahrungen der agierenden musiker und lässt niemanden ungeschoren davon. die nervösen keyboard attacken von philipp quehenberger geben eine vage vorstellung. so als würden cecil taylor und suicide miteinander ausgehen. die turntables und electronischen devices von hans falb und werner möbius bilden einen zusätzlichen verstörenden klangteppich, und didi und marco treiben das spiel teils rockig, teils free-jazzig in ungeahnte höhen.

hinweis: marco eneidi/georg graewe/ hans falb am 20.3. im celeste 21 uhr