last minute special surprise
samstag 15. dezember beginn 21 30 h

otomo yoshihide`s  "new jazz quintet"
plays the music of ornette coleman, eric dolphy, gerry mulligan, otomo 

tsugami kenta           soprano sax
kikuchi naruyoshi       tenor sax, alto sax
otomo yoshihide         electronics, guitar
mizutani hiroaki        contrabass
yoshigaki yasuhiro      drums, trumpet

mit dieser neuen band hat otomo erneut für aufsehen in der jazz welt 
gesorgt.  die neue cd dieses quintet
auf tzadik (john zorn)  erschienen, gehört zu den interessantesten 
neuerscheinungen am plattenmarkt.
musik von ornette coleman, eric dolphy und gerry mulligan in einem 
neuzeitlichen kontext, brillant
und faszinierend.

With the formation of this quintet in July of 1999, Yoshihide 
Otomo--whose main focus has been electronic music projects such as 
I.S.O. and Filament-- created his own band for the first time since the 
disbanding of Ground Zero . The New Jazz Quintet is seeking an original 
style of creation and ensemble performance, using as its source material 
one of Otomo's musical roots--the jazz of the '50s to the '70s, from 
"cool" to "free" and "psychedelic"--and taking a new look at this music 
in light of Otomo's current overriding interest, onkyo sound (*). In 
addition to playing Otomo's own works, the band focuses on 
straightforwardly performing a wide range of songs, from compositions by 
Charlie Mingus, Eric Dolphy and Gerry Mulligan, to Japanese pops. The 
music that emerges from the exacting relationship between Otomo's 
minimal electronics and the quintet's acoustic instruments--a complete 
reversal from the extreme noise and sampling which dominated Ground 
Zero--will be a compass indicating the direction that music takes in the 
21st century. The group is currently working on its first album. Its 
appearance at Music Unlimited 1999 in Wels, Austria will be its official 
debut performance.

* Onkyo is a Japanese word whose literal meaning is "reverberation of 
sound." The word onkyo-ha or onkyo-kei (onkyo school) started to be used 
about five years ago among musicians and music writers in order to refer 
to a certain type of music, and musicians playing the music. Soon the 
use of the word became widespread, and now it can be said that onkyo-ha 
or onkyo-kei is recognized as a genre in Japan. In short, onkyo-ha or 
onkyo-kei music is music which puts much more importance on sound 
texture than on musical structure, combining many elements of the three 
genres techno, noise, and electronic music.

nach längerer zeit ist es uns wieder ein besonderes vergnügen, otomo 
yoshihide in nickelsdorf
konzertierend zu sehen und zu hören.. otomo der mit allen grössen der 
improvisierenden musik
zusammengespielt hat und noch dazu rastlos mit immer wieder neuen 
projekten unseren musikalischen kosmos richtiggehend durchpflügt, hat 
sich mit diesem quintett seiner musikalischen wurzeln besonnen und 
spielt hier die musik von ornette coleman,charlie mingus, eric dolphy, 
gerry mulligan etc.