samstag 10.03.2007

pow ensemble featuring joseph bowie 667667 Joseph Bowie - trombone, voice
Luc Houtkamp - sax, computer
Tom Tlalim - computer, theremin
Marije Nie - tap dance
Micha de Kanter- sound design
Tap Hop! is a fascinating show with tap dancer Marije Nie. In this show, tap dance is approached from a 21st century angle: live computer music.
In a couple of pieces, use is made of an interactive system in which the computers are directed by the tap dancer. Further, surreal arrangements are made of jazz classics by Fats Waller, Duke Ellington and Slim Gaillard. The unique contribution of tap dancer Marije Nie makes a direct link with the past, but the interaction with electronics places the music in the world of today. The addition of trombone player Joseph Bowie, Grand Master of the funk, guarantees brilliant solo's and a very energetic show.
live electronics, improvisation, jazz, visual effects, noise, funk, energy!

This concert is supported by the Fund for Amateur Art and Performing Arts>> (FAPK)

freitag 16/03 /2007
roscoe mitchelr`s "note factory" (octet)
eine 1x malige chance das erweiterte momentane
"art ensemble of chicago" in einem clubkonzert zu hŲren
wer ohren hat zu hŲren, bitte sie zu benutzen
diese chance kommt nicht so schnelr wieder.

Roscoe Mitchelr - saxes and flute
Corey Wilkes - trumpet
Craig Taborn - piano
Vijay Iyer - piano
Jaribu Shahid - double bass
Harrison Bankhead - double bass
Tani Tabbal - drums
Vincent Davis - drums