monday 07.may 2007 21:30 uhr @ celeste
hamburgerstrasse 18, 1050 vienna

ssnštch kršutl biep
marco eneidi - alto saxophone
thomas berghammer - trumpet
bernhard breuer - drums
matija schellander - doublebass

"a group built on/of floating high speed movement"

The new quartet from alto saxophonist Marco Eneidi brings a flurry of sound from the future intertwined within the past towards unity/structure/frameworks....pop-snap.
musician/composer/alto saxophonist Marco Eneidi has for over twenty-five years been leading his own groups and orchestras in both New York and San Francisco as well as working with many of the leading improvisers of the day including Bill Dixon, Cecil Taylor, Don Cherry, Jim Pepper, William Parker and Peter Kowald among others.

With Viennese musicians Thomas Berghammer, Bernhard Breuer and Matija Schellander, a swirling cascade of color is formed with the magic of alchemy past.
Text: Marco Eneidi

ssnštch kršutl biep will also play on the 19th of may @ jazzgalerie nickelsdorf