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E-RAX is the first project of LOOS Electronics.

Gert Jan Prins (NL) FM modulations
Thomas Lehn (GER) EMS synthesizer
Peter van Bergen (NL) computer, various controllers and soundsources

Three musicians from the front rows of the international avant-garde who already for many years are concerned with live electronic music in a very distinguised and individual way and have created their own personal style with live electronics. A personal sound that - besides or maybe just because of their musical background: Van Bergen is a wind instrumentalist, Lehn pianist and Prins percussionist- has everything to do with the different electronic soundsources that each individual uses: the sounspectrum reaches from self made electronics (radio / transmitter electronics-Prins) , to analogue synthesizer technigue from the sixties (EMS Synti A - Lehn), towards contemporary digital instruments (computer, digital soundsynthesis,sampling-van Bergen).

These three musicians in E-RAX result in an explosive mix of unknown and unusual music with on site syntheses, collages and transformations of sound of great originality, vitality and expression which evokes the excitement of the creation of new music. The groupperformance is unpolished , raw and chafing , but also subtile in the specific use of little scratch, rub- and noisesounds and a very strange and wayward polyrythm.

At the end of 1999 E-RAX released the highly praised CD E-RAX Live at The BIMhuis. Responses to the unusual music of this trio go from:
"electro acoustic impulses that evoke a distinguished soundphenomenoly of its own ", "...nonconformistic soundassociations" (Jazzlive)
towards " the best improvised electronics record yet " and "this performance, too, confirms them as the sound-heirs to Louis and Bebe Barron - they use the same music, but take it to the modern world". (RE)
During concerts in the E-RAX 2000 tour guest-artist Petra Dolleman (NL) will participate in projections of newanimations in dialogue with the music.