KONFRONTATIONEN 2012 | 33. Ausgabe

______ 19. - 22. Juli | Jazzgalerie Nickelsdorf

SOUNDART 4 @ Konfrontationen

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										Mario de Vega: "Untitled (2012)"

										Aleks Kolkowski: "Metallic Whispers"
The installation relates to the disembodiment of sound through recordings but also reverses the role of the musical instrument by making it become a conduit for a sound reproducing device; the instrument is made to transmit recordings of its own sounds.

The "ghostly" nature of the hanging Stroh violin, suspended like a "spirit trumpet", alludes to the association of the early history of sound recording and transmission, with spiritualism and the commonly held belief among some recording pioneers that the emerging audio technologies could somehow enable communication with the spirit world.

Augustus Stroh's mechanically amplified violin (1899) was widely used in the early 'acoustic' recording studios, while Stroh himself had earlier built and demonstrated the very first phonographs outside of the U.S.A. in 1878.

- Aleks Kolkowski, June, 2012.

										Aleks Kolkowski: "etched x-ray records"
A display of disc records made exclusively from used hospital x-ray films. Sounds were 'cut' directly by Aleks Kolkowski onto the film surface as a spiral groove using a vintage disc recording lathe.

Each record is a one-of-a-kind recording and object, and the result of individual collaborations with experimental musicians Edward Dowie; Richard Crow and human beatboxer Jason Singh. Some were recorded live in concert.

The records contain a myriad of internal, microscopic and hidden sounds derived from the performer's own bodies, vintage recordings; found sound and from the live locations where they were recorded.


									Veronika Mayer: "species no.1"

beweglich, leise, lebt.

									Jérôme Noetinger: "La pute du Général"
"In my live work, I want to always remember that sound is only a vibration of the air. I try to build some kind of sound environment or sound architecture with different strategies".


												noid: "birds"

how would they sing if they could?
												noid: "fyeo"
five proposals for a very private music experience.


										Billy Roisz / dieb13: "Autopilot"
Fliegen und Soundart - ob das zusammengeht erkunden Billy Roisz und dieb13 mit den Augen, Ohren und Nasen.


									Andreas Trobollowitsch: "minigit"
"minigit" is a spatial sound installation for four acoustic guitars hanging on a wall. As shown in the following graphic each guitar has just three strings:
I - - I - I                 - I I - I -                 I - I - - I                 - I -I I -
Based on a whole tone scale which leads from E to e ´ each guitar will be tuned individually. Four converted ventilators which use cello-bow hair instead of propellers set the strings into oscillation. Due to a different speed of each ventilator the patterns will change permanently. Soundscapes arise through the soft, smooth picking of the guitar strings by the circling cellobow hair, the permanently modifying overtone layers are reminiscent of an electronically generated sound aesthetic.


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							Dafne Vicente Sandoval: "minutia" (lat : smallness, fineness, dust)
installation for reeds, contact mics and headphones