KONFRONTATIONEN 2013 | 34th edition | 18-21 July ________________________________________________________

organized by VEREIN IMPRO 2000/Jazzgalerie Nickelsdorf back

	Cosmic Brujo Mutafuka
	Marco Eneidi - alto saxophone (USA)
	Itzam Cano - double bass (MEX)
	Gabriel Lauber - drums (CH/MEX)

	This group first came together with several performances at the Mexico City
	Tlalpan International Jazz Festival in 2009. This was followed by concerts
	and recording in Fall 2012 and most recently a tour in Mexico including
	performing at the Theatro de la Ciudad in Mexico City opposite the Sun Ra
	Marco Eneidi has been residing in Vienna since 2004 and is currently the
	Artistic Director of the Neu New York/Vienna Institute of Improvised Music.
	Gabriel Lauber grew up in Switzerland and was a student of Pierre Favre.
	Since moving to Mexico in 2001 he has performed with many groups including,
	Dennis Gonzalez, German Bringas, William Parker as well as his own group
	"Zero Point".
	Itzam Cano made his studies in Enthnomusicolgy and is a professor at the
	Music University. He performs classical music in the orchestra and also
	traditional Mexican music as well as being a Free Jazz player.


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