george cremaschi

-George Cremaschi's work involves extending musical language, vocabulary and 
discourse using both traditional and non-traditional acoustic sources with 
non-idiomatic composition and free improvisation as the means.

Growing up in New York in the 1970's and 80's gave Cremaschi the unique 
opportunity to experience and study first hand the masters of American roots 
music (blues, folk, jazz) as well as being actively involved with the jazz 
avant-garde (Cecil Taylor, William Parker, etc.), the Downtown scene (Zorn, 
Frith, Chadbourne), the punk/noise/thrash scene, and the Loisaida Brazilian 
percussion scene.

Cremaschi is active as bandleader, performer, composer and organizer in the 
San Francisco Bay Area improvised and New Music scene as well as performing 
and collaborating regularly in straight ahead jazz, folk, rock, film score, 
theater/performance, poetry and spoken word contexts throughout the U.S. and 
Europe. He has written over 100 compositions including works for solo 
contrabass, chamber ensembles and theater.

-Born in New York City-1963
-Contrabass studies w/ Lisle Atkinson and Dave Holland
-Jazz studies at Jazzmobile, Harlem, New York City
-Composition studies at Greenwich House Music School, New York City

-Performed and/or recorded with:
           Cecil Taylor, Marshall Allen (director, Sun Ra Arkestra), Tom 
Waits, Eugene Chadbourne, Rova Saxophone Quartet, Greg Goodman, John 
Tchicai, Vinny Golia, Marco
Eneidi, Dave Douglas, Henry Kaiser, Bertram Turetzky, Nels Cline, Miya 
Masaoka, Glenn Spearman, Babatunde Olatunji, Nicolas Collins, Peter Kowald, 
Gino Robair, Peter Van Bergen, etc.

-International Collaborations:
   Mats Gustafsson (Sweden), Jonas Muller (Denmark), Gianni Gebbia (Italy), 
Louis Moholo (South Africa), Biggi Vinkeloe (Sweden), Lotte Anker (Denmark)

-Regular member of the following groups:
re/Trace  (dedicated to performing Cremaschi's compositions)
Bruce Ackley's Actual Size
Out By Five (collective quartet with Bill Horvitz, Jon Raskin and Garth 
The Deep Space Posse (w/ Marshall Allen and Tyrone Hill)
Jon Raskin/ George Cremaschi Duo
And/Ornette X-tet

-Selected discography:
Mats Gustafsson, Greg Goodman, George Cremaschi - (Beak Doctor)
Rova's 1995 John Coltrane's Ascension  (Black Saint)
Marco Eneidi - Glenn Spearman Creative Music Orchestra  (Music & Arts)
Rituel - New Music for a New America  (Rastascan)
Brandon Evans Quartet - Elliptical Transfiguration  (CIMP)
Rebel Poets - America Fears the Drum  (Irresistible/Revolutionary)
Eugene Chadbourne - Worms with Strings  (Leo)
Vinny Golia, George Cremaschi, Garth Powell - Win This Time  (Limited