greg goodman


Greg Goodman is one of America's most distinguished improvising pianists.
He is just as distinguished when he is in Europe.
He was also very distinguished when he was in the Soviet Union in 1989, but 
it is still not clear whether or not Russia is part of Europe, or if it 
should be.  This ordinarily would not affect Greg Goodman, or his
distinguished career; at least, not in his opinion.
For the purposes of this biography,  Greg Goodman has worked with many of 
the world's leading improvisers, including John Cage, Nicolas Slonimsky, and 
his Mother; he has also worked with many who did not lead.
  When not working, he is the proprietor of Woody Woodman's Finger Palace, 
the San Francisco Bay Area's longest running (since 1978) presenter of 
avant-garde music and theater. He also runs (from) the famous Beak Doctor 
Records. In preparation is a new trio recording for release this summer with 
Mats Gustafsson and George Cremaschi: 'They Were Gentle And Pretty Pigs'*.
Currently, he is writing this sentence.