hannes löschel
Und won ma rechent, wos ma si eibüd,dos sei muas, obwois a sche is wo ma daham sitzt und se de sun am boch sscheina losd und wo ma rechent wos se de leid ois ohean miasn und wea ollas globt dos a supa is obwoi ollas nix ois laondrottnd san, won ma des ois bedenkt, daoun is es hoid a nua a waunsinniga mea dea wos globt,jedz kummda dahea wia da grof und oin foids ladl owe wauna schbüd und ea globt dassa se wegproduzian muas, nua wöa a bissl zlaong in da sun gsessn is und deswegn is zum songn, dass es hoid a nua a bladl im wind es womma de leit ollawö untad nosn reibt wos ma ois mocht und wos ma se ois denkt daham in sein kammal ala in sein irrsinn unta da sun obwois eigentlich zhaß is zum rechnen, won ma rechent...

New releases

Löschel, Skrepek and Zrost`s  two new CDs 3AY2 and 3Albert2  present the two
aspects of the trio`s work.  On 3AY2 are exclusively composed works,
juggling improvisation, risky solos, and composed passages with free.   They
are concerned with life in Vienna, things foreign, the melting pot.  They
are scenes, fleeting moments, visual quotes, sound-track 3stills2 blown up
under the microscope. The subtitle of the CD is 3Images, Stills, Sound2.
3AY2 is a rhythmic montage of the digits from the telephone book listings
under the name of 3Ay2.  3President2 clashes the Austrian national anthem
with a South American environment.  On the cover are the 3Früchte
Niederösterreichs2 (the fruits of Lower Austria), where we recorded.
3Villentango2 comments on a picture of Hietzing, where I come from.
3Marcalata2 is an homage to Marc Ribot and his work with Cuban musicians.
3Frogs2 is an attempt at a piece originally written for string quartet , as
well as 3Interlude2 composed for up-right bass , bass clarinette and violin.

Hannes Löschel - AY, loewenhertz 002

Hannes Löschel      Piano, Samples
Paul Skrepek        Drums
Martin Zrost        Alto, Electro bass

On 3Albert2 (loewenhertz 003) can be heard how we sound (without piano)
freely improvising with selected material.  It authentically reproduces our
live sound.  The live character is a particularly important element on this
CD.  As a pianist who is more often in the classical milieu, I have seldom
these intimate jazz club surroundings while playing.
Albert is the name, an elderly steady customer of  the L-Cafe, where we
regularly met during a 1996 stay in N.Y.C.  He eagerly related his favorite
stories and tunes to our microphone. Along with other recordings from that
time they have been integrated into our musical repertoire and provide a
«leit-motif» for this program of improvised music.

Löschel Skrepek Zrost - Albert, loewenhertz 003
Hannes Löschel      Harmonium, Melodica, Samples
Paul Skrepek        Drums, Devices
Martin Zrost        Electric bass, Alto, Devices

Both CDs develop further what began on 3While You Wait2. (Vgl. Löschel
Skrepek Zrost 3While You Wait2 , loewenhertz 004, 2nd edition)

The first tune on this recording is called "Böses Moos" (Evil Moss) and is
rife with constant disturbances. At first the well-meaning listener is
lulled by a captivating melancholic melody, only to be jarred from behind
his / her newspaper by blasts of noises and shrill commands. An abrupt tempo
change with staccato piano, saxophone phrases and drum flourishes finally
convinces the easy - going CD buyer that this is no ordinary piano trio,
rather a nearly subversive triumph by a winning team of musicians well -
versed in every editing and collage technique, above which Hannes Löschel
proves himself an intelligent composer.

The care with which moods are built up and then countered, tension created
to be broken by unexpected and "unheard" of endings, with which melancholy,
kitsch and pathos make way for free and experimental passages and expressive
solos deserves to be awarded.
In short : a kaleidophonic kaleidoscope. You´re on your own in finding the
way through this labyrinth.
(Hans Koller Prize 1997 - Album of the Year / Jury´s decision)

"...t h e   m u s i c   o f   t h i s   t r i o   c o u n t s   a m o n g
t h e   m o s t   e x c i t i n g ,   f r e s h   a n d   a t   t h e   s a
m e   t i m e   b e a u t i f u l   a c o u s t i c   c u l t u r a l   a c
h i e v e m e n t s   o u r   s t a t e   o f   w o r k e r s ,   f a r m e
r s   a n d   h o u s e k e e p e r s   h o l d s   i n   s t o r e   f o r
t h e   w o r l d ..."
(Klaus Peham in the Porgy & Bess Broadcast 12 / 96 for  the CD Presentation
of "While You Wait")

Löschel Skrepek Zrost - While You Wait, loewenhertz 004
2nd edition

Hannes Löschel      Piano, Extended Piano
Paul Skrepek        Drums, Electric Bow
Martin Zrost        Saxophon, Bass, Samples

The PHLS trio CD 3Perilous Nightwalk2 (loewenhertz 005)  is about the
breaking apart of two worlds.  In the Radiokulturhaus I had the opportunity
to play with two grand pianos. I prepared one according to the
specifications on my favorite John Cage composition 2The Perilous Night2.
3Perilous Nightwalk2 is a suite of improvised pieces played only on this
thus prepared piano. The piano becomes a percussive ensemble member,
abolishing the hierarchy of a traditional jazz piano trio.  The result is a
strongly differentiated sound, living from the improvisational artistry of
the musicians.  The remaining pieces played on unprepared piano return to a
more recognizable jazz context.  This concepts´ sweeping stylistic scope is
well met by the trio.
 3Interlude2 (see 3AY2) appears in a live version.  3Columbo`s  Hat &
Shoes2, inspired by Thomas Chapin`s composition 3Hat & Shoes2 acquired its
title from an attempted imitation at an alto sax sound on the piano,
culminating in something like a score for the 3Columbo2 series .
Hannes Löschel - Perilous Nightwalk, loewenhertz 005
PHLS Trio    

Peter Herbert       Bass
Hannes Löschel      Piano, Prepared Piano
Paul Skrepek        Drums

In all of these newly produced CDs is the recording space of utmost
importance, that is he variety from studio sound to small jazz club to large
radio concert hall.  These spaces, often reproduced in the studio, lend the
music their own special characteristics.

006 & 007
``antasten3 is a group which performs as a trio with guests and also as a
larger ensemble (eight musicians). A third CD, ``Kontakt2  is now in the
making by this octett.  ``antasten2 binds electronics with piano and /or
chamber music.  These contrasting elements both fulfill and disrupt one
another,  wearing thin, growing rough or lyrical.  As on my first solo CD
``Excentriques2 the pieces begin and end abruptly,  which I find of great
importance in this sort of music.  They are later lengthened on ``echos an
kegelränden2 .  Real time compositions, they combine two different worlds of
sound.  We have tried to banish all tabus in contemporary improvised music,
and clarify the inner compatibility of style elements which are otherwise
  In the exploration of caves, excentrique is the name of the small bulging
beginnings of stalagmites and stalagtites on the cave  ceiling and floor,
which, hence the name grow outwardly from the center.  In architecture it
refers to satellite cities, or suburbs of a large metropolis .  Of course
the characteristic, eccentricity, has also the same root.
  Our similar instrumental background but consequentially different modes of
extending our instruments capabilities facilitates  play together of a broad
ensemble sound without the need of notation of form or structure. These
improvisations result in short pieces.  ``echos an kegelränden2 furthers the
established ideas of the ensemble sound by integrating other musicians and
their sound  repertoire.  Of course, a common basis and the right chemistry
must exist.  The titles continue the numbering of the first CD, and contrary
to it, the pieces are extended works.  These are live recordings from the
``Rhiz2, and the Viennese Concert House.

antasten - excentriques, loewenhertz 006

Hannes Löschel     Piano
Thomas Lehn        Analogue-Synthesizer
Josef Novotny      Electronics

antasten - echos an kegelrändern, loewenhertz 007

Hannes Löschel     Piano
Thomas Lehn        Analogue -Synthesizer
Josef Novotny      Electronics

Martin Siewert    Guitar, Lapsteel, Devices
Didi Bruckmayr    Vocals

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