joëlle léandre solo
shelley hirsch solo
joëlle léandre - double bass
shelley hirsch - vocals
joëlle léandre about herself: "i am a melodic player. i am a woman of extremes. absolute noise music, beauty cantabile, not so much in between but of course countless combinations. in my blood there are trace elements of bach, schiller, mallarmé, rimbaud, cézanne, debussy, kandinsky, stravinsky... still, jazz is a vision of the world i like better than all academic endeavours."
shelly hirsch got under the influence of improvised music when she met sven-ake johansson in berlin in 1983 - back in new york she worked with christian marclay, in between with jon rose. shelley about her roots: "i grew up in east new york, in brooklyn ... our house had a fantastic acoustic, my parents used to listen to a lot of frank sinatra but in the hallway you could hear all kinds of voices." very first influences: "when i was born, my father had an 'egg-car' - he delivered eggs. i was born in a beauty parlour, where my very pregnant mother took shelter from a hurricane. i suppose, that all these things have influenced me."

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